Get Amazing Value For Money With The Redmi 9A


Redmi 9A has been one of the best phones in the market ever since it was released. It has an impressive feature list and great price tag too. This is why many people have already shifted from other big brands to go for this brand when buying a new phone. All the major Redmi models are extremely popular with its users and the competition is very high with various other brands like Nokia, HTC and Motorola.

If you compare the Redmi 9A to the old versions of the handset you will find that the biggest difference is the processor speed. The old version has an Adreno core 1.5 which is way slower than the newer version which has an Adreno core 1.6. You can expect almost similar performances from the two phones. So, do not be scared when buying the handset because of the fact that it is an older version. All that you need to do is that you will be getting the latest technology inside. With a processor that is just a bit slower than the latest, the difference between the phones becomes insignificant.

The Redmi 9A has a nice design which is based on a standard shape. There are different colors such as grey, blue and gold which provide a nice visual combination with the glass screen. The body is made out of plastic which looks sleek and classy. The 4.7 inch Super AMOLED touch screen has a nice color which blends well with the metallic frame which gives the phone an elegant look. The large LCD is complimented by Helio G25 Octa-core processor which delivers powerful processing power. Redmi 9A

When it comes to the inside, the Redmi 9A has a dual-core Helio X10 which has an enhanced version of the ARM core. This helps in delivering high performance. It also has an Adreno core 1.6 which has been used in some of the top phones such as the HTC Desire HD. The memory is expandable which makes it possible to add more storage space which is especially useful for digital cameras or other media players. The internal storage capacity of the redmi 9a is adequate but if you are looking for more storage, you should buy the bigger one which comes packed with RAM.

The battery of the redmi 9a lasts for about twelve to fifteen hours depending on the usage. The dual Sim card enables you to use the phone with a single Sim card and boost up your data transfer capability. The phone offers quick charge and fast data reception. You can get about fifty percent charge in just thirty minutes which is great.

The camera on the Redmi 9a is quite decent when it comes to image quality but it could be better if it had better battery life. However, the camera does have some impressive features like a manual focus, manual exposure and an auto image stabilization. This is something which you might have to look out for when selecting a smartphone with a camera. On the battery front, the Redmi 9a comes with a four hour mobile battery which is excellent. You can expect about two to three hours of life from this battery.

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